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Skipper Sail Handling Course!

Dear sailors, finally!!!

Here comes Skipper Sail Handling Course!

Date: 12-13/Dec 2020

Previous Experience Required: Basic sailing ability to Day Skipper standard.

Course Overview: A hands on course that will unlock the mysteries of basic sail trim and enable you to gain more from your boat.

Students: max 5

Cost (non-member) : NT $15,000/person

Based on feedback on the Sail Trim day we have now extended the 1 day course to a 2 day course covering sail handling. We would recommend that if you are of Day Skipper standard or higher.


Day 1 0900: Meet up 0930: Safety Brief 1000: Course introduction, outline brief...etc. 1030: Depart marina # Revision of sail controls, mainsail hoist, drop and reef # Efficient tacking # Efficient gybing

# Controlling boat speed 1330: Lunch on mooring buoy 1400: Mooring buoys under Power # Mooring buoy under Power # Mooring buoy under Power exercise 1700: Return to marina 1800: End of day summary and debriefs

Day 2 0830: Aims and objectives of the day # Anchoring under sail # Sail trim # Power onto pontoons # Rudderless sailing 0900: Depart marina 0930: Sail trim session whilst heading towards anchorage 1000: Anchoring under sail exercise 1300: Lunch 1330: Rudderless sailing session whilst heading back to harbor 1400: Power onto pontoon exercise 1600: Arrive back at marina, offload kit, clean yacht, and debrief 1700: END

What's Included: Meals (Day one lunch & dinner - Day two breakfast & lunch) Support Courses: Boat Handling Course. Supporting Books: Dayskipper hand book.

Custom made Course: Please note that if the dates listed are not suitable for you or you wish to have a course run on your own boat we can arrange bespoke courses. Please leave your message s if you would like more information about these options.

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