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Gill公司在現今是非常罕見的, 一家公司只專心做一件事。那就是,只做超高科技的航行服飾供駕駛小帆船(dinghy), 休閒船(cruising), 動力船(power boat)及遊艇(yachting),防水的航行服飾讓您在任何狀態都舒適。Gill設計並實際在海上及實驗室測試以確保我們傾聽每一位航行者的需求被完整地傳達在商品上。


Gill is a very rare thing these days, a company that only does one thing. We make ultra-technical sailing clothing for Dinghy, Cruising, Power Boating and Yachting. Gill waterproof sailing gear keeps you comfortable in all conditions. We design everything by listening to sailors and their needs, and we test everything both in our lab and on the water to make sure our sailing kit delivers.

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