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Mile stones of a qualified Yachtmaster in 5 years

RYA- Affiliated Taipei Sailing Centre

RYA Yachtmaster/Skipper Road Map = RYA Courses Orientation + TSC Courses

Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the national governing body for certain watersports in the United Kingdom, founded in 1875, and the initial purpose was to standardize the rules of measurement to different racing yachts, so that boats of different classes could compete fairly against each other.


RYA training scheme have been around for 130 years, offers over 100 courses including dinghy sailing, windsurfing, yachting, motor cruising, powerboating, etc. All the courses are right up to date with safety issues, regulations, and emerging trends. There are


Over 2,200 RYA recognized training centres in more than 44 countries, 22,000 RYA instructors across the world.

And 15,000 professionals working on commercial vessels are using RYA Certificates of Competence. 155,000 people completing RYA courses every year.

Over 300,000 expert RYA publications are added each year to the personal libraries of recreational and professional boaters.

Over 100 professional and recreational courses on the water, in the classroom and online.


Mile stones of a qualified Yachtmaster in 5 years:

2018 Competent Crew (200NMs)

2019 DaySkipper (400NMs) 

2020 Coastal Skipper (800NMs)

2021 YachtMaster Coastal (1200NMs)

2022 YachtMaster Offshore (2600NMs)

(P.S. Above listed nautical miles are the minimums for each goal to be achieved to gain practical experiences, can’t compare as a passenger on a boat. It’s essential for a competent crew, helmsman, day skipper and yachtmaster to execute their solid seamanship skills and practice theory knowledge on the yacht.)

If you are a freshman in sailing world, TSC would suggest you to start with Competent Crew Practical course, learn to be a qualified crew to gain your credit for boat owners. It’s the best way to accumulate and earn your profound sailing experiences and philosophy.

If you already a well-experienced sailor but not sure about what you have learned, TSC would recommend you to go for RYA Day Skipper Theory Course with TSC practical courses in Taipei/Northern Twain to obtain the qualification for Day Skipper Practical Course. And then join RYA practical courses over seas to be examining as certificated day skipper.


If you are interested in the sailing, yachting world, you are most welcomed to meet us!!


RYA-Affiliated Club (Taipei Sailing Centre)

Time:19:00-21:00 27/APR




RYA 全名為Royal Yachting Association,1875年成立於英國,原先成立目的為統一各帆船比賽的比賽準則,讓不同等級的賽船可以相互公平競爭。現今致力於提倡安全、成功並受讚譽的英國帆船運動。

RYA的訓練系統超過130年歷史,提供Dinghy Sailing、Windsurfing、Yachting、Motor Crusing、Powerboating等超過100項課程,提供最新並強調安全的完整訓練。其特色如下:








5年完成RYA Yachtmaster Coastal /Offshore 執行計畫

2018 目標Competent Crew (200NMs)

2019 目標DaySkipper (400NMs) 

2020 目標Coastal Skipper (800NMs)

2021 目標YachtMaster Coastal (1200NMs)

2022 目標 YachtMaster Offshore (2600NMs)



(備註 航海里程數是TSC建議最低航海實務要求 身為一名乘客所累積的航海里程與作為一名舵手.導航員.船長的航海里程數 是不能相比的)


如您是新人 建議您從Competent Crew Practical 稱職水手開始 做一名讓每位船長都可以信任的水手 累積航海經驗 以正確的觀念學習航海所需的技能與哲學。


如您已有多年航海經歷 建議進行RYA DaySkipper航海理論課程與Practical 取得RYA Dayskipper與ICC資格。

ICC全名為(International Certificate of Competence)為在國外駕船需提供之船長證照,為多數歐洲國家所採用。

歡迎對遊艇有興趣的年輕人&朋友 參加RYA台北課程說明會



主辦單位:RYA-Affiliated Taipei Sailing Centre (台北航海中心)

地址:台北市大安區新生南路2段30巷35號4F-1 (Taipei Sailing Club 台北籌備處)


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